Alumni Testimonials

The Certificate in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship* ended up playing a huge role in my ability to be articulate in interviews right out of school. These courses lead to in-depth discussions about movements and trends facings arts organizations right now. Having the chance to debate current issues in the arts sector in a classroom setting was a huge boost towards being an informed member of the arts community when I graduated, and it made me feel more confident and experienced in job interviews.

-Katie Burnett

The Certificate in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship* added a professional level to my education that I did not otherwise experience. I know more about business than most people in the work places I have found myself since graduation. The Certificate gave me the ability to create and execute policies and procedures with confidence.

-Dawn Clark

I'm so glad I opted to complete the Certificate in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship*. It opened up so many more career possibilities in the arts that I didn't even know existed. It also gave me the chance to work with students across the Division of Performing Arts and learn more about how many different arts ventures operate. It's a very hands-on program. The leadership and creative projects built in gave me ample opportunities to network and build my resume. I would recommend enriching any arts degree with this Certificate!

-Amanda Harwood

The Certificate in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship* at the University of Iowa taught me to think strategically about sustainable business solutions for nonprofit organizations. This made me an ideal candidate for a Master's Degree program. Over the course of my career, I've had the opportunity to introduce and implement several new processes that have increased both efficiency and effectiveness of operations, programs, and finances with Chorus America, Emerging Arts Leaders DC, and The Washington School of Ballet. I highly recommend this Certificate program to artists, musicians, and aspiring arts managers.

-Anne Erps

I received a Certificate in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship* and the skills I gained, particularly those related to marketing, have helped me to not only land a job marketing for Caesars Entertainment, but also gave me the confidence and ability to enjoy a field I never originally saw myself enjoying.

-Thomas Henrich

*The program was named Certificate in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship from 2008 until 2016.