AE Internships

As a Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship student, you need to complete an 80+ hour internship. You have three options for how you record this internship:

1. Enroll for a 0 s.h. internship course through the Pomerantz Center. This is the recommended path if you plan to apply to graduate school in Law or Medicine, where you may be required to prove internships on your academic transcripts. There is a minor fee to record your internship for 0 s.h.
2. Enroll for 1-4 s.h. of internship credit through the Pomerantz Center. This option is recommended if you need hours to reach the 120 s.h. needed for graduation.
3. Request that the Certificate Advisor record your internship. This is a 3-5 minute process that records your completion of an internship. You will receive an e-mail copy of this record; remember to list the internship on your resume.

Regardless of which option you select for recording your internship, you will first need to complete three steps.

1. Submit an internship proposal to the Certificate Advisor. This e-mailed proposal should include the following information:

  • Name and location of Internship Organization/Company
  • Name, phone, and e-mail address of your Onsite Supervisor
  • Proposed dates for the internship. You are welcome to pursue internships that run longer than 80 hours, but you must complete at least 80 hours of internship learning.
  • 3-5 goals for this internship. What do you want to learn/accomplish?
  • Deadline: You must e-mail this proposal at least two weeks prior to your internship to have the proposal approved.

2. Progress Report. This mid-internship e-mail should contain the following information:

  • Hour log showing 35-45 hours of internship learning.
  • Any changes to your list of goals. New goals? Removal of any goals that are no longer applicable (if there are no board meetings during your internship, then you cannot observe one, etc.)?
  • Deadline: Approximately halfway through your internship.

3. End Reflection. This final e-mail report is required for completion of your internship credit. It should contain:

  • Hour log showing at least 80 hours of internship learning.
  • 1-2 page reflection of what you learned from this internship. You may be critical of the host organization, but focus on what you gained from the experience.
  • Deadline: Within two weeks of finishing your internship