AE Course Requirements

The Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship requires 20 s.h. in arts entrepreneurship coursework and 9 s.h. in advanced courses in arts-based majors. Students should be aware that some of these courses may have prerequisites and should consult an advisor about course sequence. Certificate courses may not be taken pass/non-pass.


Certificate students must complete 9 s.h. of any of the following advanced courses in one or more of the following departments.


  • All 2000-level or above courses in ARTS, ANIM, ARTE, BKAT, CERM, DRAW, DSGN, INTM, MTLS, PHTO, PNTG, PRNT, SCLP, and TDSN

Art History

  • All 2000-level or a above courses


  • All 1834-level or above courses


  • All 2000-level or above courses


  • MUS:1009 Jazz Cultures in America and Abroad
  • MUS:1201/1202 Musicianship and Theory I/II
  • MUS:1310 World Music
  • MUS:1720 History of Jazz
  • All 2000-level and above courses


  • All 2000-level and above courses


Introduction to Arts Management

  • A study of nonprofit arts management and administrative principles, practical applications, and trends. This course focuses on existing arts organizations and the functions and responsibilities of the key administrative positions.
  • DPA:3510 Introduction to Arts Management (3 s.h.) Offered every Fall

Foundations of Entrepreneurship

  • An introduction to understanding financial statements including the basics of balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Students will also learn about preparing pro forma financial statements for new ventures.
  • ENTR:1350 Foundations in Entrepreneurship (2 s.h.) Offered every semester

New Ventures/Entrepreneurship (choose one)

  • An analysis of arts administration principles and trends as applied to the creation of an arts-related enterprise. Students will examine case studies and create a business plan for a new arts organization or project.
    • DPA:3520 New Ventures in the Arts (3 s.h.) Offered every spring
    • ENTR:2000 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 s.h.) Offered every semester

Note: DPA:3520 is the arts section of ENTR: 2000 (general entrepreneurship). DPA: 3520 is considered a duplicate of ENTR: 2000 and will satisfy the prerequisites for any course that requires ENTR: 2000.


Financial Management Requirement (choose one)

  • Understanding the process of either capital acquisition and managing cash flow for commercial ventures or grant writing for nonprofit ventures.
    • ENTR:3100 Entrepreneurial Finance (3 s.h.) Offered every semester
    • ARTS:3400 Grant Writing in the Arts (3 s.h.) Offered on a non-regular schedule

Entrepreneurial Marketing Requirement

  • Gain practical understanding of marketing concepts for application in new business settings. Students develop a marketing plan, identify markets, create products, design promotions and sales programs, and assess ongoing customer service needs.
  • ENTR:3200 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3 s.h.) Offered every semester

Ecommerce Requirement

  • Examine Ecommerce opportunities and Internet business strategies for entrepreneurial ventures; how to develop effective web business strategies, latest technologies and trends in Ecommerce, methods for maximizing traffic, impact of a company's website.
  • ENTR:3600 Ecommerce Strategies for Entrepreneurs (3 s.h.) Offered every semester


Arts Leadership Seminar

  • An advance study of arts management and administrative principles, practical applications, and trends in arts leadership and advocacy.
  • DPA:4510 Arts Leadership Seminar (3 s.h.) Offered every Spring


  • 0 s.h. internship that may be completed during any semester while enrolled in the certificate program. See AE Wiki for internship opportunities, registration, and reports.